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Are you the next big thing on the speaking scene, but you still feel like the industry's best-kept secret?



You see people up on the main stage and you know that you belong up there, with them. Those are your people. This is your tribe.

But you keep losing out on opportunities to people you know are no better than you.

You know you could bring the house down, if only you could catch your big break…


People tell you you’re amazing on stage — and you should be because you’ve taken courses to hone your stage craft, but you’re still not commanding the kind of fees that you want to make, that you know you’re worthy of earning.

They say they love you, but no one seems to want to pay you. You keep getting invited to speak, but always for free or for less than you know you’re worth.

If this sounds like you, we should talk!

Download my free e-book, "10 Reasons You Don't Need an Agent to Scale Your Speaking Business."

We want your speaking career to take off, not to take over. The only way to do that is to design your client experience and business systems so that everything is first-class, the first time.

Performance Coaching

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I give women speakers & minority thought leaders a leg-up in a business that’s still dominated by old white dudes.

Because clients are desperately searching for people of color & female speakers to grace their stages.

I can teach you how to:

  • clearly define your most profitable speech topic
  • learn the industry ropes
  • map out marketing plans & client-attraction campaigns
  • create amazing promotional kits
  • get rave reviews & client referrals
  • handle your own bookings #likeaboss
  • produce your own profitable community-building events
  • and build back-of-house business systems that will create a rock-solid foundation for your speaking business to grow on for years to come!

Your Top-Dollar Topic

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Hope-Driven Leader Libby Gill

Recently, I had the chance to chat with Libby Gill, a wonderful woman and a fantastic keynote speaker whom I met back in my bureau days. We wanted to share our conversation with you as, in my view, Libby is one of a few women who have "cracked the code" of...

The Fierce Entrepreneur Podcast

Last week, my interview with The Fierce Entrepreneur Podcast was released. I shared a bit about my post-Stanford journey from an aerial acrobat (who without any prior experience turned heads on Cirque du Soleil's talent recruitment team) to event producer...

What are women’s voices worth?

In between my junior and senior year of college, I spent a very hot and humid summer doing research at Princeton University. My research topic was the life's work of Czech artist and the father of Art Nouveau, Alfons Mucha. Not particularly life-altering for the world...

5 things that every successful speaker’s website needs

Do you know just how many speakers I've met that don't have a clue what event planners are looking for once we get to your website?​Sadly, a lot!Event planners are time-crunched and patience-poor, and speakers bureaus and talent buyers are even worse. So the quicker...

Genius in Simplicity

"Everything genius is simple." So says one of my favorite Russian proverbs. But let's not confuse "simple" with rudimentary. Simple doesn't always mean basic. It doesn't mean that it's not well thought-out or cleverly designed. In fact, more than likely, you'll find...

The Myth of Being Discovered

Almost everyone has heard the "rags to riches" urban myths and legends about how big-name Hollywood stars got "discovered" --  literally picked out of a crowd in some random place, purely thanks to a chance encounter. True serendipity. Natalie Portman was approached...

Up From The Ashes

On rising up from the ashes: When you first make a leap without a net, all you can think of at first is, "Holy sh*t! What if I fail?" Then you instantly realize that this is the crucial moment where you have to make the most important choice of your life: FLY or FAIL....

When It’s Do-Or-Die

My business & life changed when I left my job at the speakers' bureau, because it was do-or-die. Instead of following the traditional bureau model, I joined forces with two thought leaders to work together independently, to help them grow the speaking part of...

Nothing Is Worse Than Waiting or Chasing

There's a Russian proverb that says: "Ху́же нет -- ждать да догоня́ть." The translation means, "Nothing is worse than waiting or chasing." This goes equally for someone who's wanting to get started speaking, and also for someone who's looking for speakers. Event...

A Common Mistaken Assumption About the Industry

Before the end of the year, I wanted to help you set the record straight on a very commonly-held (and mistaken) assumption about the speaking industry. I often hear a lot of new speakers say, "I want to find a speakers' bureau to represent me." That's not what...

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