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A lot of people think I mean one thing when I tell them that I’m a star creator & supporter. They often assume that I turn people into stars and then support them in their business dealings.

Well, that’s partly true.

I’m not talking about mega-watt Hollywood celebrities (although I’ve done shows with many of those), but I help thought leaders and authors to develop their leadership skill-set and business growth strategy, and that helps them to shine.

But what it really means is this:

That’s my personality profile according to one of my favorite personality tests, the Wealth Dynamics profile test that was created by Roger James Hamilton.

It’s what I am, not just what I do.

Star: I’m at my best when I’m shining my light onto others. (Not what you might have thought, right?)

Creator: I’m the go-to-girl for new and innovative ideas.

Supporter: I’m awesome at helping people work through challenges, or helping them to keep their ducks in a row.

Have you ever wondered what you are naturally, where your zone of genius lies? Not just in personal relationships but also in business? (Because once you’re in business, self-awareness is good, but self-awareness that drives profits is great!)

This test is one of my favorites because it helps you to connect your personality and passions to your business profits.

Roger has recently revamped the whole thing and he’s offering this super-awesome bundle package that’s available for their new “3.0” unveiling.

If you’d like to find out how to go with your own flow, you can take the test by clicking on the banner below.

(And full disclosure, this one is an affiliate link, but I’m only an affiliate for a select few programs that I truly believe in. This is one of the elite few that made the cut.)

Even if it’s not something you’d like to invest in right now, you might just keep it in mind for sometime down the line.

Whenever you’re feeling like everything is a struggle, like you’re trying to paddle upstream in white-water rapids with an anvil tied around your neck — that’s when you’re not in flow.

And when it’s smooth sailing, you’ve been doing something for hours and yet it’s flown by like minutes and you’ve been delighted and joyful the whole time? That’s when you are in flow.

So if you hit some of those rough patches and wonder if you’ve strayed from your intended path, this might be one of those cool resources that’s able to help you get back on track.

Or maybe you’ll step onto a new path you’d never considered before, but once you do, you’ll wonder why you never thought of it yourself.