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There’s a Russian proverb that says: “Ху́же нет — ждать да догоня́ть.”

The translation means, “Nothing is worse than waiting or chasing.”

This goes equally for someone who’s wanting to get started speaking, and also for someone who’s looking for speakers.

Event planners and talent buyers hate waiting for answers. Agents hate waiting even more than clients do. Speakers hate waiting for results.

Everyone hates having to chase opportunities or talent.

So what’s the quickest way to get around the wait or the chase?

At the beginning, there is no getting around it, on either side of the fence. There’s no use lying about that.

So if you can’t get around the wait or the chase, why not make a game of it? Find the fun in it.

Create a few milestones you can check off as you go along so that you’ve got reasons to celebrate as you move along the journey.

What can you do to make this process a party? To make it into a playful escapade?

Staying in that fun frame of mind will help to keep you joyful as you work toward your goals, instead of feeling resentful about having to chase or to wait.

Before you know it, as soon as you’ve built a bit of momentum and a track record, and your past precedent has boosted up your credibility and reputation, you will begin to draw opportunities to you in the form of referrals and recommendations.

That spirit of joy will be mirrored back to you in the form of serendipity and synchronicity. Luck will begin to come your way.

And again, this goes for the people on the stage just the same as it does for the people producing that show.

People who have used a speaker and had a good experience with them will gladly recommend them to a colleague or friend. But that good experience is crucial to getting the recommendation.

And speakers who have done a show or event and had a good time there will gladly help make new connections and introductions between their friends and that event planner.

If you always come from the intention of service and helping those who have helped you, you can both get out of that waiting & chasing loop more quickly and move on to the cooler platform of making meaningful connections and creating lasting relationships.