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I can’t tell you how many clients have told me that they’re tired of seeing nothing but “old white guys” on stages and in the lists they choose from for their event programs.

(Their words, not mine! No offense whatsoever intended if you’re an older white male.)

And by “old,” they meant Baby Boomers, and maybe even the first round of Gen X-ers.

(Yeah, sorry if you don’t feel that’s old. They might still think it is.)

But the truth is still that, like in many other industries, Baby Boomer white males have dominated the circuit for years now. And the time is truly ripe for change.

The faces in leadership should diversify along with the people who are being led.

The tide is changing and the leadership must shift with it.

What does that mean?

Audiences are demanding change because they want to see people they can relate to up on that stage.

They want speakers they can relate to.

The speaking industry desperately needs more women speakers, more people of color, more diversity in general.

The clients are crying out for people just like YOU.

Are you ready and willing to answer that call?

Another challenge when clients look through those lists is that they said the women and minority speakers don’t “look solid.”

(Again, their words, not mine.)

So, have you done your homework on what it means to “look solid” as a professional speaker?

If not, it’s time to start!

The need is so great that you might just need to begin before you truly feel ready, and then review & revise as you go along, both in your presentation skills and your marketing materials.

So please, if you’ve got a message that you’re dying to share, please start sharing it.

You may not need a spotlight, but the world needs you.

Step up on that stage, any stage that will have you, in the beginning — even if you have to create your own, until you get some momentum going and build your professional reputation.

Just start. And build from there. You will get better with practice.

You can always work with someone who can help you on either front — either improving your presentation skills, or refining your marketing materials and strategy. Both are equally important, and most coaches out there only deal with the on-stage part.

If you dream of taking this next step in your business, please comment below or send me an email and we can do a free Q&A call to explore the idea of working together, and see if it’s a good fit.

What worked before isn’t working like it used to. The industry practices from before are practically antiques.

It’s up to you to learn the new paradigm.

I may not be the right person for everybody, but I do know that the people I work with have seen great results when they use the tools and techniques that I share with them.

And I’d like to help you get there, too.