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On rising up from the ashes:

When you first make a leap without a net, all you can think of at first is, “Holy sh*t! What if I fail?”

Then you instantly realize that this is the crucial moment where you have to make the most important choice of your life: FLY or FAIL.

And just like all those cats you see crashing & burning in YouTube videos, you fall (or FAIL) when you BAIL out of the leap mid-way.

You have to be 100% committed to make it to the other side.

One of my friends who works at one of the 3 biggest talent agencies in the industry once said that their company is not willing to put all the hard work, time, effort and money that’s needed to LAUNCH a new speaker.

I realized not long after I went out on my own that he was absolutely right — speakers should be willing to put that time, effort & money on the line to INVEST in THEMSELVES, not just expect me — or anyone else — to make magic happen out of nothing.

There is no magic bullet.

It all comes down to how much you’re willing to believe in yourself, and invest in your own success.

So it’s time to COMMIT to your own success. And RISE.